Summer 2024 News

Lots of exciting news Dreamers! 

Summer is upon us and the PoppyPadma Cross Pollination Project is underway again!   Not since 2018 has Gypsy Dream Clothing near Toronto, Canada collaborated with Poppypants Tribal Wear in Rome, Italy, but this June these two kindred spirits are teaming up again.  

Poppypants & Gypsy Dream


Limited amounts of sarees, hand chosen by Poppypants Tribal will be making their way across the seas to become Padma Skirts. Likewise, some selected pantaloons, handsewn tribal bras and hip shawls will return to North America and be available on the Gypsy Dream Web Boutique.  

We hope this collaboration to spark creativity and inspire new ideas, leading to innovative designs we can bring to dancers around the world.



Also, the saree order for 2024/25 has been placed!  We are bringing back some out of stock favourite colours as well as some NEW

shades!  The order will be taken to India from Vancouver by our Saree purchaser Raj in July.  Raj will arrange all the details of final saree boarder selections and fabric colour variations to give us the finest cotton sarees available.  He has over 40 years experience in Indian textiles and saree fashions, not to mention impeccable taste!  

We can expect the new Gypsy Dream sarees to arrive in Vancouver in the fall of 2024, so check back here for more updates.

Enjoy your summer everyone, and stay tuned for the SUMMER SALE happening in July.

Peace, Love & Shimmies


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