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About Gypsy Dream 

The Gypsy Dream Studio was born from a dream in the Spring of 2008. The vision was to blur the lines of clothing, costume and culture as an expression of self; and by blending the three, we can create our own unique style. Since then, the path of Gypsy Dream has been unfolding and bringing new experiences and new folks together through dance, art and ritual.

At the Gypsy Dream Studio located in Kitchener, Ontario each garment is constructed by hand with the intent that every ensemble find the right owner. Each piece of clothing is solidly constructed, keeping in mind the need for comfort, versatility and ease of care of the garment. No two garments are  completely the same and are crafted with the intention to bring beauty, comfort and delight to its wearer.

So whether you are at the market picking up dinner, dancing on a stage or gathered around a fire under the full moon; you can be assured that you are wearing something as beautiful and unique as you are.

About Monika

Gypsy Dream Clothing is owned by Monika Wolf who was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Hailing from a long line of seamstresses that arrived from German Silesia in the midMonika Wolf of Gypsy Dream Clothing 1950s; sewing is in her blood! Monika remembers many days spent watching her Sinti, Gypsy grandmother embroider tablecloths, making lace, and sewing clothing. This “thread” continued throughout high school sewing classes,  pattern-drafting at Vancouver Community College, and has been Monika’s passion ever since.

In 2004, Monika took up Egyptian belly dance at a nearby community center. Sensing something was missing from her dance life; she came across a style of belly dance called “Tribal” on the internet and decided to give it a try.  After one class and Monika knew she had found her passion! The Tribal Belly Dance music and costuming enchanted Monika and she decided to share her sewing passions.  Monika became a member of BellyBellyHip Tribal Troupe in Vancouver in January 2009.

FCBD Teacher Training certificate for Monika Wolf


In 2013, Monika completed her Fat Chance Belly Dance Style® teacher training, became an FCBD® Certified Studio and joined forces with other former members of BellyBelyHip to form Khaleesi Tribal belly dance troupe.


In 2014 Monika moved across Canada to Kitchener, Ontario   The American Tribal Style® scene in SW Ontario is thriving and currently, Monika studies with Valizan an FCBD® Certified Studio in the Toronto area.  In 2016 Monika became a member of Valizan’s Toronto troupe: Shades of Araby, and in 2019 Monika began teaching FatChanceStyle® belly dance in the Kitchener area.  The adventure continues…

       Shades of Araby on stage in Toronto Canada                                                            Many thanks to Carolena Nericcio and Fat Chance BellyDance® in San Francisco, Khaleesi Belly Dance & BBH, in Vancouver, BC  and Valizan for all their mentorship and support.  Also, all those in the worldwide FCBD® dance community who help me keep the dream alive.


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Judi is a Professional Seamstress and Designer, a skill passed down through the generations of beautiful British women in her family. So I guess you might say, she came by it naturally.  For Judi sewing is not only an outlet for her creativity but also allows her to have an awesome career that she loves. Judi is certified as both Couture Seamstress and Fashion Designer. Judi started out in belly dance in Egyptian style in 2007.

After relocating to her hometown of Dundas, Ontario in 2015, Judi started Kintsugi Couture.  Here is where Judi was able to learn FatChanceBellyDance Style®, and she never looked back!  “It’s an awesome thing to belong to this worldwide tribe of amazing dancers and costumers!” 

For custom creations by Judi see


Sara of PoppyPants Tribal~Rome, Italy

A native Northern Californian who pursued a longtime dream of relocating to Italy back in 1997.  In 2011 Sara discovered her love for tribal belly dancing; oddly enough, all the way over in Rome, Italy. Sara holds a BFA in Photography but has explored many avenues in life: waitressing, photographic archivist, novice knitter, craniosacral therapist, ashtanga yoga tutor, avid letter writer, hiking tour guide and of course, seamstress/costumer.  Sara is the creator and owner of PoppyPants Tribal Style Bellydance Wear.  Handmade with unique fabrics from Italy and abroad. 

“I’m in love with all dance but especially FCBD® Style and Tribal Fusion and always make sure to pick up one-of-a-kind fabrics, beads, buttons etc in my annual travels to far out places for furthering along the beauty of these costumes and this dance.”

To order a custom-made bra or pair of PoppyPants go to:  PoppyPantsTribal