Specialty Skirts


Each Gypsy Dream skirt is a one-of-a-kind original creation with variations in colours, embroidery and trim.  We always have new limited edition skirt offerings on a seasonal basis, but they are limited to about 4 or 5 skirts.  Each skirt is hand-made in the Gypsy Dream Studio in Ontario.  We import select sarees from India that are made for or handpicked for Gypsy Dream.  The “Signature Padma” and “Patola” skirts have four tiers of fabric, with the bottom level measuring 12 yards around.  These skirts also have beautifully striped detailing in a random pattern throughout the layers of the skirt.  We can customize your skirt by omitting the striped detailing, but this must be done when ordering.

Length/sizing is as follows:

X-Short = 32″| Short= 34″ | Medium= 36″ | Long= 38″ | X-Long= 40″

Custom-made skirts are available by contacting us.