Royal Blue Fringe Poppy Hip Shawl
Royal Blue Fringe Poppy Hip Shawl
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Royal Blue Fringe Poppy Hip Shawl

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Gorgeous hip shawl with mirrored accents!  Embroidered red poppy pattern on cream-coloured cotton, surrounded by Ocean Blue and Saphire Blue flowers, create a traditional feel on this stunning hip scarf.  The waist tie is made from a sturdy 100% cotton band.  This shawl is finished with whimsical turquoise pom-poms and a two-inch Royal Blue fringe to show off that shimmy!  One-of-a-kind!

Measurements: Top of waist to triangle bottom=26" (66cm) Top of triangle=53" (135cm) Waist tie=87" (221cm)

All hip-scarf proceeds go to the Kitchener-Waterloo Christmas Hamper project.

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