Turquoise Green 12 yard cotton Padma saree skirt
Embroidered gold peacock trim in red on turquoise green Padma cotton saree skirt
Gypsy Dream Clothing

Turquoise Green Padma Skirt

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Bright Turquoise Green!  Jewel-toned Turquoise Green Padma saree skirt with a new one-of-a-kind skirt trim featuring an embroidered metallic Gold peacock pattern set in contrasting Red with Emerald Green stripes; topped with a Red "Temple Pattern".   This Padma skirt is so versatile looking so great layered over other bright coloured skirts, earth tones and jewel tones!  Hand Made in Canada from 100% pre-shrunk lightweight cotton, this four-tier skirt has a bottom tier that measures just over 12 yards around.  A 2 inch wide non-roll elastic at the waistband is a comfortable and secure fit.

This skirt size is: Medium ( 91.5 cm or 36″ long)


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