Forest Green Patola Trim, 100% cotton, Padma Skirt  handmade in Canada by Gypsy Dream Clothing
Icat woven Patola trim on Gypsy Dream Patola Trim
Gypsy Dream Clothing

Forest Green Patola Skirt

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Own a Gypsy Dream original skirt collection- the PATOLA!  This 100% cotton Patola Saree skirt is a rich shade of Forest Green.  The Patola skirt features a traditional Icat tie-dye border of a Metallic Gold flower pattern set in a contrasting band of warm Saffron Yellow, which makes this skirt so elegant!  Made from pre-shrunk light cotton, this four-tier skirt has a bottom tier that measures 12 yards around.  A two-inch-wide, non-roll elastic at the waistband provides a comfortable and secure fit.

This skirt size is: Long (37.5″ or 95 cm long)



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