Gypsies have been romanticized throughout history as mysterious adventurers, traveling together in communities, living softly upon the land and selling their hand made wares. At night the gypsies gather around the fire; telling fortunes, singing, playing music, and of course dancing …..

Gypsy Dream clothing is made for those who are gypsies at heart. Drawing inspiration from Middle Eastern and modern American Tribal Style (ATS)®  dance and blending them with the timeless styles and fabrics of the Romantic era. Gypsy Dream creates a unique style that is romantic, fun, sexy and amazingly comfortable.

So whether you are dancing on a stage, with your cat in your living room or around a fire under the full moon, you can be assured that you are wearing something as beautiful and unique as you are.


Gypsy Dream Studios,

Drumbo, Ontario, Canada


 Check out the newest addition to the Gypsy Dream Team PoppyPants Tribal




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